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How Driving Evals Works

Online forms to evaluate students ... and instructors

  • Instructor evaluate students with either a conventational rating system or the Skill Level Instruction Program, a set of concrete written skill criteria, one for each skill and level combination.
  • 100% on-line. No paper forms. No scanning. No manual re-entering of data.
  • Students evaluate their instructor too. And the event and classroom.
  • Evaluations are stored in permanent student and instructor logbooks.

Helping manage student/instructor assignments

  • You can continue to pair students and instructors in your registration system. Driving Evals will import your assignments.
  • Or use the powerful Driving Evals auto-assign function to equitably assignment students to instructors.
  • And you can even place students in run groups based upon past evaluation ratings and other data.
  • Print your day-of-event matterials: assignment sheets, packet stickers, badges, and rosters.


  • Before the event, email each instructors with their student assignment(s) so they can read their logbooks and goals prior to the event.
  • Your classroom instructor can read a summary of the students' experience and goals to better prepare.
  • Instructors and students can contact each other, if desired.
  • Particpants are reminded -- and pestered if needed -- to complete their evaluations.
  • After the event, organizer can read extensive reports about the evaluations.

Who uses Driving Evals?

  • Used by BMW CCA, PCA, NAAC, SCCA, and others.
  • Created by Dan Chadwick, Boston BMW CCA organizer and Chief of Instructor Development, original author of Apple's FileMaker┬«.
  • Advised by Matt Malfa, Boston BMW CCA Chief Instructor and BMW CCA Instructor Training School classroom instructor, and aerospace engineer.

Why Driving Evals?

  • Extremely high response rate.
  • Easier. No post-event organizer workload to burn out your staff.
  • Better. Online evaluations are more detailed, with more insightful comments.
  • Community. Your evaluations are shared with other organziations, helping ensure the best student experience.

Fee schedule

  • $175 for a 1-day event.
  • $275 for a 2- or 3-day event.
  • $600 for large multi-day events, such as national gatherings.
  • Payment by check or PayPal.
  • Unconditional guarantee. If you're not satisfied, the event is free.
  • No contract; cancel anytime.
  • For roughly 1% of your event budget, there is no better way to improve the quality of the educational product you deliver.