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Evaluations for High Performance Driving Events

Students & Instructors

  1. You'll receive an e-mail with your account information and instructions to set your password. If you don't receive the e-mail, click Request new password at the right. Check your spam folder if you aren't receiving e-mail from us.
  2. After the event, you'll receive another e-mail prompting you to log in and complete your evaluation. Feel free to save the evaluation as a "draft" and return later to submit it.
  3. When an evaluation of you is ready, you'll receive another e-mail so you can log in and read it.
  4. You can return at any time review your logbook and set goals.
  5. To contact other participants, use the search box at the right.


Not using Driving Evals yet? Click How It Works or contact the administrator.

Skill Level Instruction Program

Some clubs use SLIP, a set of graduated skill levels from novice through highly advanced. Each driving skill (e.g. vision, situational awareness, line, shifting, etc.) has a concrete definition for each level. Instructors accurately and consistently evaluate their students. Students know exactly what they're doing well ... and what needs work.

Any club can use SLIP as their evaluation form in Driving Evals. Approved clubs can participate in a collective of SLIP-rating clubs which rate students and mutually respect SLIP ratings in constituting run groups.

  • Organizers: SLIP requires a solid instructor corps comparable to the best BMW chapters and PCA regions, as well as some instructor training. Participation in the collective of SLIP-rating clubs is by consent of its members.
  • Instructors: If you instruct with a club that uses SLIP, you will be provided with training and a SLIP reference card for use at the track. You may also find SLIP helpful in other clubs.
  • Students: If you are evaluated using SLIP, you can refer to the SLIP criteria to see what areas you should focus on for improvement.

Click SLIP from the menu bar to read the SLIP criteria. Or contact the administrator for information about SLIP.