SLIP Example

Looks ahead / widescreen vision

  • L1 (Beginner)
    • Focused immediately ahead of car
  • L2 (Novice)
    • Intently watches next upcoming reference without regard to rest of turn
  • L3 (Lower intermediate)
    • Focused on upcoming reverence point. Fails to scan with widescreen vision
  • L4 (Upper intermediate)
    • Beginning to look past upcoming reference point. Beginning to see with widescreen vision
  • L5 (Advanced)
    • Looks through corners and well ahead. Anticipates problems ahead. Sees combination turns as one
  • L6 (Expert)
    • Scans track sections with widescreen (simultaneous central and peripheral) vision. Attention solidly 1/2 step ahead of approaching reference point
  • L7 (Über – beyond instructor)
    • Simultaneously watches deeply ahead, with widescreen vision, even in heavy traffic, while keenly aware of car's position and cars in immediate proximity

SLIP reference card

Page 1, for example: